7liveasia is an online casino. It is a Malaysian online gaming site. One can choose to play various casino games and win by betting clever.

Features of 7liveasia

The features of 7liveasia are listed below:


  • User-friendly interface



7liveasia has the most simple and user-friendly functioning system. All you have to do is create an account for yourself by adding a username, a password and selecting the payment method and you are good to go! You can play almost any game once you have created your account.



  • Reliability



This mmc996 thai online casino platform is cent per cent safe and reliable. The developers of the game have kept in mind the safety and the security of the player’s confidential. They ensure complete satisfaction to their customers. There is no reason to worry about any fraud.



  • Fair play


7liveasia has built its trust with their gamer’s experiences. And in return, they trust every player with the utmost respect. The personnel and staff at 7liveasia provide the best customer satisfaction. The staffs at 7liveasia are well trained to handle all the customers’ enquiries, problems as well as challenges.

Types of games available

7liveasia offers a variety of games such as:

7liveasia accepts the following currencies from its players. 

  • Chinese Yuan Renminbi
  • Malaysian Ringgits
  • Indonesian Rupiahs 
  • Vietnamese Dông
  • Thai Baht

Things to keep in mind

  • You don’t necessarily have to download the app to place your wagers.


  • Players from the United States of America, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines and Singapore are however not allowed to participate in this. 


  • Apart from English being its main language, this online gambling platform also supports Indonesian, Vietnamese as well as Simplified Chinese. 


  • Some of the most popular games on 7liveasia are:


  •  Golden India
  • Happy Holidays
  • Loose Cannon
  • The twisted circus
  • So much sushi
  • Untamed crowned eagle
  • World cup soccer spins
  • The legend of Olympus
  • Girls with guns
  • Frozen dawn etc. 


  • 7live Asia supports the following online payment methods :


  • Bank wire transfer for deposits plus withdrawals.
  • Internet banking for deposits only.
  • Direct or local or fast bank transfers for withdrawals only.


  • This is how 7liveasia ranks among other games on various online gaming websites.

This online casino website has almost everything that is required by the gamblers for betting easily. They can pick from a plethora of games and can wager using various online payment methods. It is safe and simple to use for both beginners and experienced players.